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Can I move the domain to another reseller with Directi?
You will have to raise a support ticket requesting Mumbai Hosting to move your domain to...
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Can I register more than one domain?
In the international domains .com, .net and .org anybody can register as many...
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Can I transfer the domain to another registrar?
Newly registered domain names cannot be transferred to another registrar for upto 60 days...
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Can my .com address be put on a server in any country?
Yes, domains are completely geographically independent. You can put a Russian domain on a...
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Do I have to have a permanent connection to the Internet to register my own domain?
A web and a mail server always have to be permanently connected to the Internet, but you can...
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Do you guarantee that my Domain name will be Registered once I have placed the order?
Domain names are only registered after the payment is credited to our bank account. There will be...
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Does it cost anything apart from Mumbai Hosting's registration fee?
Mumbai Hosting does not charge anything extra for the domain, but the registry in most...
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Is the domain registered in my name?
Yes, The domain is registered in your name. Mumbai Hosting will Never register a clients...
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The search reports that the domain name is available even though I know it is taken. Why?
You must not enter www in front of the domain name. In only...
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What is a DNS (domain name server)?
All traffic over the Internet is actually controlled by numeric addresser (IP addresses). Try...
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What is a top-level domain (TLD), domain, domain address, subdomain or a domain name?
Domain, domain address, primary domain or domain name are different names for the same thing....
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What will be the default nameservers provided by Mumbai Hosting?
Mumbai Hosting will enter the below name servers during the domain registration process....
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Who is the domain registrar for the domains registered through Mumbai Hosting?
Domains are registered with an ICAAN accredited Domain Registry.  
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Why is www not a part of the domain name?
Many people think that the www in www.mydomain.tld (tld = top-level domain) is a part of the...
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Why should I register my domain name through Mumbai Hosting?
Mumbai Hosting has thorough knowledge of domain registrations. We know the rules for, and uses...
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Why should I register one or more domains?
Whether or not you should register a domain is of course a matter that only you can decide. All...
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