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How do I run servlet after servlet installation?
 To execute a servlet after servlet installation use, http://www.yourdomainname/servlets/
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How do I test Java/JSP Servlets have been installed and are working fine?
To test Java/JSP Servlets have been installed and are working...
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How to check JSP and Tomcat version?
 You can easily check the JSP version. You need to create test.jsp page under your account...
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How to connect to MySql using JSp?
You can use the following code to connect to mysql in Jsp/Java<%@ page...
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What is JSP?
JSP is short of Java Server Pages. They are a mix of normal HTML with Java code embedded in them....
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What is the cost of Tomcat/JDK/JSP Hosting?
There is an additional fee of Rs. 2500 per year for installing Tomcat Java/Jsp servlets on your...
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what is the JVM Heap size?
 The default setting of the maximum heap size is 64MB.
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What is Tomcat?
 Apache Tomcat is the servlet container that is used in the official Reference...
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Where is WEB-INF folder? Where to upload .class and .jar files?
 WEB-INF folder is under public_html folder.The WEB-INF directory is divided into two...
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Which Tomcat JSP Version and Servlet Specifications is supported?
Apache Tomcat: 5.5.28Servlet Specification: 2.4JSP version: 2.0This information is subject to...
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