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About domain name parking:
Domain pointers allow you to "point" or "park" additional domain names to...
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Can I buy a domain name without a hosting account?
Yes, we offer domain name registration services to all customers. If you want to host with...
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Can I buy hosting without a domain name?
Of course you can. If you already have a domain name; on the order page, choose the hosting...
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Can I choose whatever domain registrar I want to use and still be hosted by your company?
Certainly you can, as long as the registrar you choose gives you modification access for your...
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Can I upload files to my web hosting account before the DNS resolves?
Yes, if you use FTP or the cPanel File Manager function to upload your files before the DNS...
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Do I have to have a domain name to get a web hosting account at Mumbai Hosting?
Yes. We need a domain name to associate with your web hosting account in order to set the...
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Do you host international domains, like or .de?
Yes, we do. We can host international domain names on our servers.
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How do I know when my domain's DNS has resolved?
You will see an index list of files and/or folders when you access your site via your real URL...
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How do I make my domain point to your servers so that it works with my Mumbai Hosting account?
You can change your DNS/name servers by a few different methods: If you purchase your domain at...
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How do I register a domain name only?
Use the domain registration tool on the home page. Enter a domain which best suits your...
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How do I resubmit my domain for Transfer after a domain transfer has failed?
1. First, resolve the problems that caused the transfer to fail in the first place. These may...
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How do I Use my existing Domain Name with Mumbai Hosting?
There are two ways to make your existing domain name work with our hosting service. The first...
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How long before my domain name is registered and appears online?
The first thing we do after we receive your payment is to register your domain name. It...
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How many domain names can I have with one hosting account?
If you are an existing customer and you decide that you need more domain names, please contact...
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I purchased a domain and then noticed I misspelled it. Can I cancel the order?
No, sorry. All domain sales are final. If you want a differently-spelled domain than the one...
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Is domain name registration included with my Mumbai Hosting account?
No. Because many of our clients already own registered domains when they choose to host their...
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What is a domain or domain name?
A domain name (sometimes called simply a "domain") is just a label for the location...
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What is a Name Server?
Simply put, the name server is a pointer from your domain at the domain name database to wherever...
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What is a TLD?
A TLD is a top-level domain such as .com, .org, .net, .us, .ca, etc.
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What is an EPP Key?
An EPP Key (sometimes called Code or Authorization Key etc) is like a password, and is...
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What is an SLD?
An SLD is a second-level domain such as .you.tld (or, etc.)
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What is DNS?
DNS technically stands for "Domain Name System" although it is sometimes used to...
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What is domain registration?
Basically, domain registration is limited-time ownership. You register a domain (
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What is the difference between a Parked domain, a Subdomain, and an Add-On Domain?
Say you own two domains: and is the primary domain for your...
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What's a Nameserver got to do with a domain name?
Simplifying here, if you punch in "", your browser will look for the...
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Whose property is the domain name?
Although we register the domain name for you, it is your property.
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Will my web site be visible online as soon as I sign up for my domain name and hosting account?
No. Although we will set up your hosting account within a few hours at most (absent any billing...
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