How do I resubmit my domain for Transfer after a domain transfer has failed?

1. First, resolve the problems that caused the transfer to fail in the first place. These may include:
If the reason for transfer failure is invalid EPP key and you are certain you have the correct key, your old registrar may need to resync the key. The EPP key information being provided by your current registrar is not correct for transfer purposes. Please contact your registrar and specifically request that they resync this information to provide the correct key for transfer. Once you have obtained the current/valid EPP key, login to your account at Mumbai Hosting and resubmit a new transfer request for your domain.
If the reason for transfer failure is Domain Lock status, login at your old registrar with your login information you were assigned when you originally purchased the domain there. Look for a domain management area where you can change the domain status to unlocked. If you are unable to find this, submit a support request at your old registrar; they should be able to tell you the correct procedure for doing this at their site.
If the reason for transfer failure is the domain is not yet 60 days old, you cannot resubmit. In this case any funds you paid for transfer will be credited to your account as "Live Credits" under "Your Stats" in your Member Home at our site, so that you may use these funds for another domain. Or, if it has been less than 30 days since the initial order, we will issue a direct refund if you so request.
If the reason for transfer failure is because you did not respond to the confirmation email, make sure the Administrative Contact email address on file in the WHOIS for your domain is correct. You MUST be able to receive email at that address. During the transfer process a verification email is sent to the Administrative Contact email for the domain; this email contains a link you must click to approve the transfer. The web page you arrive at after clicking the link requires you to select a choice of 'approve' or 'disapprove' for the transfer. If you do not approve the transfer on this page, the transfer will fail.
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